Today was the day that I was finally connecting with my GP, after waiting nearly two months to speak to her. Grantedc, had I not gone to the toilet on … Continue reading NO ONE IS LISTENING!


Hands up! who else is going to be happy to leave 2020 to history and enter into 2020 with trepidation? I know I will… 2020 has been a year of … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today was….

Today was a self help day… It was a day for the great unwashed… I managed to put deodorant on and frebreeze myself and that was enough! Today was about … Continue reading Today was….

When Life Throws You A Curve Ball: Part 2

Thank you all for your lovely comments yesterday ❤️ it gave me a little boost 🤗 So Part 2 goes a little something like this…. My Muma had been taken … Continue reading When Life Throws You A Curve Ball: Part 2