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Hands up! who else is going to be happy to leave 2020 to history and enter into 2020 with trepidation? I know I will… 2020 has been a year of … Continue reading HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Bloods, CT’s & Bone scans! Part One!

It seems like an age since I last wrote anything at all! That’s because, other than PET scans and MRI’s, things have stayed the same. Still NED & Slowly Falling … Continue reading Bloods, CT’s & Bone scans! Part One!

Return of the Small Cell?

Hello lovely’s, It’s 7.20am and I have been awake half the night. The sleeping pills did not help! I guess that happens when your mind is whirling! Yesterday started off … Continue reading Return of the Small Cell?

Welcome to 2021

Good Morning, Afternoon or evening, depending on where you are reading this. I, for one, feel refreshed and filled with hope. Hope for us all… This past week has been … Continue reading Welcome to 2021

Well.. WTF was 2020!

It’s nearly Christmas. Lots of families, including mine, are having to stay apart from their loved ones! That feels like the topping of a very mouldy Christmas cake! This whole … Continue reading Well.. WTF was 2020!