Signs and Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Blood or Blood clots in the urine – this is the most common symptom  although sometimes it is overlooked, especially if you are a women as can easily be mistake for something gynealogical.  I urge you, if you see blood in your pee, even if it is just one time, PLEASE go and see your Doctor. Early Diagnosis saves lives.   This could also be a urine infection.

Pain – any pain whilst having a pee, needs to be looked as soon as possible.  Pain is usually an indicator that something is wrong.  This could also be a urine infection.

Peeing more frequently – Peeing small amounts frequently can happen.

Ongoing Urine Infections – If you keep getting infections or the infections you have aren’t clearing then it needs to reinvestigated.  Don’t ignore this.

Weight Loss – This does always happen but if you find yourself losing weight, rather quickly, then that is your body telling you something is wrong.  Please go to your Doctor.

More Advanced Bladder cancer signs can include:

Pain in the lower back – where your kidneys are.  This could also indicate Kidney stones, so again, get yourself to your Doctor

Swelling in the Lower legs

A growth in the pelvis area

Bone pain or pain in you bottom/private parts area.

Anaemia – feeling very tired and having cracks appear at the corner of your mouth.

Exhaustion – feeling so very tired, falling asleep at the drop of  a hat, getting to the point where you are finding it hard to speak with out slurring your words, you are so tired.

“Pooping” Blood – I really thought the blood was coming from my bowel.  I know now that it was the poop pressing on the tumour that made it bleed.

Bladder Cancer costs the NHS the most amount of money, on a yearly basis as there is a huge risk of a recurrence, so PLEASE if you have ANY of the signs, GET TO YOUR DOCTOR…. Tell them I sent you!