When Life Throws You a Curve Ball! Part 1


Yes, it’s really me and I know I have been quiet recently. You see, life goes on… events happen and you just have to go with the flow.

In October, I went to Philadelphia for the annual Health Union Conference.

It was the first time I have ever travelled by myself, a little bit scary however the darling Hubs had organised everything for me, so that this would be a wonderful trip.

Unfortunately, neither of us envisioned me coming down with the flu on the way there. I felt utterly awful however did manage to get to the conference and I truly enjoyed the bits I saw.

The Sunday before the conference the Lovely Shirley & Mike (also from the UK) hired a car and we decided to go to New Jersey, to Carlos Bakery in particular, as it has been a dream of mine to try their cannolis.

I must admit I became a bit overwhelmed as Grace served me and didn’t want to come across as a nutter! I was lost for words…. it was really happening, eeek!!

The Son and I used to watch Cake Boss together, when he was little and drool over their creations ❤️

Full of flu and feeling so bad, I ordered 3 (yes 3) delicious cakes…

It would of been rude to go all that way and only have 1, surely?!? They didn’t disappoint.

We then had a drive though New York as it wasn’t a particularly nice day. We did have a giggle as my stoma bag was ready to pop and we searched for some toilets but couldn’t find any.

We pulled up and parked in front of the Homelands Coastguard and I decided that I could just ‘nip out’ and pee in a bush, quickly before anyone could see me.

So that’s what I did, unfortunately just as a Chinese couple appeared out of nowhere! I swear they thought I was a man!

The HU conference was a joy to attend, although I dosed myself up with cough medicine and flaked on the Monday.

A massive thank you to Alina, Sarah & Jake, who were understanding, helpful and compassionate.

I came away with a better understanding of the Company, who put people and patients above google searches. The humility and compassion shines through. I am so glad to be part of this.

I returned home and then spent the next 5 weeks fighting off the flu. Thank goodness for night nurse and the Hubs who looked after me….

I guess my immune system was low as I just couldn’t shake it off at all! My whole body ached and just when I thought I had turned a corner, it came back!

Love and hugs…. for now