Hands up! who else is going to be happy to leave 2020 to history and enter into 2020 with trepidation? I know I will…

2020 has been a year of uncertainty & anxiety. Covid 19 has certainly changed the way we live and brought lots of emotions to the surface.. I now feel that I am done with feeling so anxious…

We should be remembering 2020 for ALL the AMAZING people that have done totally fabulous things over the year.

All the people who were kind and helped others.

The people who organised food collections & deliveries for others, the Doctors, Nurses, cleaners, truck drivers, shop workers.. and so many more people who stood up when they needed to. BUT not because they were told to BUT because they WANTED to help.

Kindness & Love have shone through this year ❤️

My hopes for 2021 are for the vaccine to work. To keep us safe from this awful virus. And for Humanity to learn from this. “We are only ever one stop away from another pandemic…” (can’t remember who said this, was it WHO?)

Happy New Year from The Browns

This new year I shall also (try to) be much more focused. I want to work on my own personal growth as well as working along side organisations that help represent the things I feel strongly about. Fight Bladder Cancer & Dying in Dignity spring to mind.

This page was started to help others going through bladder cancer and I want to get back to that, to share mine and others peoples experiences through their bc journey.

Lastly, thank you all for your love & support over these past few years.

Love & hugs

Anita xx