Today is a Kaftan day….not a great day pain wise nor snot wise!

I am so over feeling like cr#p all the time… coughing, coughing and more coughing … going dizzy and jerking and knowing I have to just give in to it and it will pass….

And it does…

And it’s like time has moved on 30 seconds and I’m still lagging behind… then, just for fun, I start coughing again!

And so it continues…

I’m so fed up of feeling utterly awful, I’m so fed up of everything being such a huge effort.. fed up of being breathless .. just FED UP!!

Somehow, despite drinking around 2 litres of water a day and lots of cups of tea, my lips are cracked and bleeding .. I know medication can do this to you, does that include steroids? ( the Hubs says he has some cream for this… I don’t want it 😂)

God! What a stunner! Sure we can all agree the hubby got the short straw!

Speaking of steroids, it’s 3 weeks since I started taken them and I have turned into an snappy, argumentative, tetchy cowbag. The poor hubs can’t do ANYTHING RIGHT 😱 and I mean anything!

It is taking a lot of energy just to speak and have a conversation that I find myself shouting so he can hear me the first time because I don’t have the energy to repeat what I said!

And I am so hungry …. oh god, so hungry! And we have nothing in!

Oh ok so I lied, we have a bag of frozen fruit for smoothies (must of been having a health kick) some pretend mince (it’s not pretending to be mince, it is mince but made out of some plant) a tub of vanilla ice cream and potato waffles..

And some white bread…

You know you are winning in life when you open an already opened loaf of bread.. you, hesitantly peer inside and it’s not green 😂 😜

Lunchtime: Waffles it was, topped off with a fried egg (no oil so it stuck to the pan) and spaghetti in a tomato sauce… pinch of salt and pepper and OMG… it was delish ❤️

Frikken delicious

And… yes I ate four.. count them… four waffles!! (And I wonder why I am a fat cow?)

Mcdoogle is all snuggled in his corner with his (and the Hubs’s snuggle blanket..)

I wish I had some lemons as I feel like making lemon bars but I can’t. I have no lemons…. and the practicality of actually standing up and baking seems a bit too much (I only managed my gourmet lunch because it was oven baked and in one pan and required minimal handling)

Wow New World Record of someone doing the “plank” for 8 hours 😮 I could do that 🤣 my stomach would touch the floor and keep me up, true story 🤣

Oh had PET scan yesterday and actually I am ok and relatively calm about it… which is surprising me a little.. on the way there, the Son (who had to drive me because I can’t drive now because of the BLOODY AWFUL COUGH!) ermm where was I?

Oh yes, the Son and I saw a car number plate that started ‘WJB’ and they were my Popsies initials. Well the Son noticed it first.. I like to think of it as a sign that he was there with us ❤️

Oh I really need something sweet and am now seeing if I am telepathic and can make cookies with my mind 😂😂

Now talking utter rubbish .. and plus I can’t do two things at once eg: write this and telepathically make cookies…

Have a flippin awesome day and thanks for letting me rant!

Love & hugs ❤️

stillkickingcancersbutt (getting boring now 😜)