Anita was diagnosed with Small Cell Bladder cancer at 46, she lives with her husband Tim, her son Ashleigh and their fur babies, Sherlock the dog, Barney the bunny, Ollie, Fuggers and Moma Cat the cats and Bob the fish. (we don't talk about Bob). They all live in Hampshire, after being diagnosed Anita started a Facebook page detailing her journey with cancer called “My Big Fat British Bladder Tumour”

You wait ages for one blog….,

… and then two come along at once… (well, really close together) Having a wobble today. Don’t know why… its a constant battle in my head. I am sure that … Continue reading You wait ages for one blog….,

Today was….

Today was a self help day… It was a day for the great unwashed… I managed to put deodorant on and frebreeze myself and that was enough! Today was about … Continue reading Today was….

I Survived 2019 (just about!)

Hello you lovely lot, I hope that you all had a good Christmas? I know that Christmas isn’t always a fun time when you are alone, or have lost someone, … Continue reading I Survived 2019 (just about!)

When Life Throws You A Curve Ball: Part 2

Thank you all for your lovely comments yesterday ❤️ it gave me a little boost 🤗 So Part 2 goes a little something like this…. My Muma had been taken … Continue reading When Life Throws You A Curve Ball: Part 2