2020… The Year From Hell!

Hello you Lovely lot ❤️

It has been a little while since I last wrote anything and this is because I went up and looked after my Mum. I was supposed to be there for 7 weeks but unfortunately I became ill (suspected sepsis) and my poor Mum had a fall! So the last two weeks have been pants!

I had begun to feel a little unwell and was diagnosed with a UTI, that was the last time I was up there. Came home for two weeks and then went back up to get my Mum from hospital. I had agreed to do two of her four care calls a day until her lovely care company could manage the four calls themselves.

Medically she was fit to be discharged and we needed to get her out of the hospital and home.

My Mum has Type 1 diabetes and usually runs high.. she also has heart failure, chronic kidney failure and the list goes on… getting the balance of all her 17 tablets, she takes daily, was no easy feat.

Bless her on day two she came down with an awful tummy bug and spent the next two days in bed. (Not like Mum) The District Nurses were great and she was diagnosed with yet another UTI!!

The UTI’s make her vascular dementia seem more apparent, she forgets everything you tell her so having to constantly be alert, day and night, started to take its toll on me.

We did have some funny, happy times. Her witt was funny & comebacks made me laugh.. I went to pick her up some shoes and spent 20 minutes going round in a circle. When I finally got back she said “oh you are back then? I thought you had emigrated” 😂😂

Muma ❤️

Being a full time carer for someone you love is tough, heartbreaking and exhausting, although I wouldn’t change a thing.

I had started to feel unwell on the thursday and mentioned to my sister that I felt rough. I put it down to just being tired and run down. On the Saturday I went and had a fabulous bath at my sisters and she spent time with Mum.

My face felt like it was on fire.. although it wasn’t red (which is what I get with the erythromyalgia) I slept for a while and then went back to Mums.

On the monday I did feel really bloody awful and called 111, who wanted me to go to Crewe (45 minutes away) which I couldn’t do as did not want to leave Mum for that amount of time.

Eventually I was able to go to A&E and was seen by the out of hours Doctor. He gave me a prescription and said to get it now and try to take two lots before the morning. Despite feeling & looking awful I managed to get to a chemist and went back to Mums.

My sister blew up my bed for the night and got me lots of water too! My temperature at this point was 38+ and that was with paracetamols. I was so thankful for the water during the night.

I was as hot as an oven and yet was dripping in sweat and shivering, all at the same time. I tried to move to get the antibiotics & paracetamols bit couldn’t move, my whole body ached. Sleep did not come easy that night.

The next morning the District Nurse called an ambulance. They all agreed I looked terrible! And was very poorly

I slept for most of the Tuesday and was comforted to know that the Hubby was on his way.. although to be honest everything is a little blurry.. Mums nurses took my blood pressure and it was down to 96/58 .. not good. Not good at all!

During all this my brother & sister were desperately trying to get my Mum into respite as it was apparent that I couldn’t take care of her as I was very poorly myself.

For 3 days My temperature didn’t come down, sweating, hot, cold, shivery… my body ached, my legs were so sore I had to keep moving them. I couldn’t eat anything as was battling with being sick as well. On top of this I also developed a abscess which caused my cheek to swell!

I was feeling pretty rubbish to be honest and just wanted to sleep.

During this time, my Mum had a fall in the kitchen and unbeknown to us, she had hurt her shoulder, so instead of going into respite care she ended up in hospital too.

The realisation that my Mum cant live on her own anymore hit all of us like a ton of bricks. She has had a few “wobbles” and had had a fall broken by her laundry basket. She refused to pee in the commode and would get up and walk to the loo in the night which was very unsafe. We all have had concerns for over a year now.

Mum thinks “we” my brother, sister and I are putting her into a home and trying to explain that we aren’t however she is now deemed to be ‘unsafe’ at home.

Sister, Me & Brother ❤️

The care home we hoped that she would go too has unfortunately had a case of covid confirm so my poor Mum is now still in hospital waiting for a suitable place to recover in. Then as a family, we will have to sort out a long term care home for her.

She is devastated, heartbroken at having to give up her home, her cutie dog, Buster and she thinks her life. Its so incredibly sad. We are all heartbroken for her too.

Hopefully my UTI has now cleared up and am on antibiotics for my abscess.. Still not feeling 100% but I am feeling better. Had night sweats last night and woke up cold and dripping.. so still having the paracetamols.. my temperature is slightly high today so having a rest day.

So thats whats gone on with me. Like everyone, this year hasn’t been the greatest…

I hope that you are all as well as can be? Sending lots of love & hugs

Anita xx