Well.. WTF was 2020!

It’s nearly Christmas. Lots of families, including mine, are having to stay apart from their loved ones! That feels like the topping of a very mouldy Christmas cake!

This whole year and been utter shit. There really is no other way to explain it. Shit! Shit! Shit!

We are all under pressure “to do the right thing”. Stay in our own tiers and “not break the law”… It’s difficult, right? It’s bloody heartbreaking.

I have been reading from various tabloids that people are going to ignore Boris and just do what they want! Isn’t that the problem? Isn’t that’s what’s wrong! This virus isn’t going away, it’s mutating and who knows what else it can do to us?

We already are hearing about the after effects of long covid! Issues of heart conditions, fatigue, respiratory conditions and the list goes on.

It’s scary and frightening. But we all have to take responsibility for our actions and this means doing as we are told, in order to save thousands of potential lives.

The first lockdown.. we were incredibly strict… the second… not so much! The hubs works in other peoples houses so has had to go to work or he has to take statutory sick pay (which is a pittance).

Hubs has started wearing a mask in people’s houses even though he struggles with COPD. He doesn’t want to catch it and the more we hear, the more I can see it, creeping closer and closer.

I think now is definitely time to hold back this year. To have small gatherings, where we can. If we can’t, then take comfort that because you stayed at home this year, you may of saved someone’s live, maybe even your own!

Let’s try and make the best of what we have right here and right now. Let’s be thankful for what we do have and can do…

I am thankful because my family are safe.

I am thankful that we all have roofs over our heads and food on our table.

I am so thankful for FaceTime, this is going to be a savour this year. Being able to see faces on Christmas day.

There is a lot to be grateful for…❤️

I do miss hugs though 😞

Between my Muma, Sepsis & Grandchildren I have been kept so busy recently. I am going to take a few weeks off, get in a good head space and come back feeling refreshed.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from my family to yours ❤️

Jackson seeing himself ❤️
Cant mistake that gorgeous grin
Cant forget Rowan ❤️

Love & hugs ❤️

Anita xx