Well, Hello There…

Gosh, it seems like such a long time since I have written anything that I am beginning to think I have writers block! Or should I say Covid block!!

I think for the first few weeks I turned into Jabba the Hutt! There I was on my corner sofa, snuggled in the corner, with the best view of the TV. Snacks aplenty, totally loving the sofa slob that I had become ❤️ But was I?

MY corner!!

If I am honest, lockdown didn’t affect as much as it affected others. I think thats because I enjoy being at home, “doing my thing”. Sometimes baking, sometimes sod all! 😂 Sometimes using that last half an hour to run through the house, spraying my ‘magic foam’ which leaves the house smelling devine. A quick bit of bleach in the loo, fluff of the cushions and jobs a goodun! The Hubs walks into a clean and fresh house. 😂

We did have the grandsons to stay over and I was very impressed on how the Grumps and I coped, if I do say so myself.

Now we aren’t used to noise at all so its always a shock to have out peace and tranquility shattered. But we love seeing them. (& plus the REALLY noisy one was at his Dads) Oh it was magical, It was sheer happiness in a weekend.

The Wee man and Bug boy were so well behaved! (And if they got whiney we fed them 😂) One thing that I realised is that I was in such a rush for The Boy to grow up that I feel I missed out on noticing the small things. (Sorry Monkeymoo)

Because of this I am determined to be the BEST flippin Nana in the world. (no offence to all the other best Nanas out there) It was about having time to play and cuddle and nap (nap time was my fave time). Wee Mans sweaty little head all snuggled up against me…. bliss!

When they left us to go home, they were both alive & happy… I’d consider that a very successful first sleepover. 😂 ❤️❤️

On the 21st of June I travelled up to my Mums. She was due out of hospital the next day and I wanted to pick her up and look after her. Yes, yes I know it was in the middle of lockdown but its my Mum and she needed me and to be honest I hadn’t left the house much and when I did, I followed the guidelines.

You should see the other guy…

It was amazing to see her. Even with her face swollen and balck and blue! (Had a fall in hospital) She was looking the best I had seen her in years. This women is just flippin fantastic, so many times we thought we could lose her and yet she bounces back like a bouncy thing.

Unfortunately she wasn’t home for long, 5 days I think. Bloody UTIs.. absolutely knocked her for 6. Blood sugars all over the place, making her feel poorly and then we had a really bad night.

We all chatted, siblings, District Nurses, her GP and of course, my Mum and together we decided for her to get some respite care in order for her to be safe. It broke my heart. My poor Muma.

And I have been here ever since. She didn’t want me to leave and I didn’t want to go as we weren’t sure for how long she would be there. The staff were amazing, lots of whatapps with Mum and every time we went, we were asked if we wanted to speak to Mum and of course we did.

They would help her to her window so we could shout at each other. Was only for 5-10 minutes but those minutes were very precious ❤️

A huge THANK YOU to all at the Waterside Unit at the Western Park Care home.

Monday, my Muma will be picked up at 10.30qm and whisked away in her chariot (well… a C1) and taken home! Its been a loooonnnnngggg time, at least it feels it, however she is well enough to be at home (with support) yay!!

I also managed a socially distant lunch with one of my lovely friends, Kath. She made this A-MAZ-ING quiche, omg!! So, so cheese-y!

The lovely Kath and I

Oh and I have been doing some crafting too… Decoupaging some shoes…

Yes, that is a fried egg 😂

They are a little different but I loved the napkins and thought they would be fabulous to use. I love them!

I am now waffling like mad.. and I think it must be teatime (according to my stomach 😂) so I am now going to cook a yummy stir fry and chill…

Have a wonderful evening and take care of you ❤️

Love & hugs

Anita xx

Oh gosh I almost forgot, I was nominated for a #WEGOHealthwards for ‘Best patient Leader’ and then also got nominated for ‘Best Blog’ too!

I am so honoured that someone thought enough about me to nominate me, thank you so much.

Its all about votes so if you would like to vote for me please go to.. https://www.wegohealth.com/Anita4/awards

(Seriously, I am amazed that I was nominated)

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