Good Morning All ❤️

Its such a weird world at the moment with self isolation and of course, the lockdown the Government has imposed! It feels eerie!

I dont want to go on and on about the virus because Im sure we all have read the advice given by our Government and are following what they say to keep ourselves, and our familes safe and well.

As always there will always be people who flout the rules and think that they dont apply to them…

We have to try and create some kind of new normal. Try not to think of it as a confinement. think of it as a time where you have time to read the book you have been trying to read for the past year!

Think of it as time to spend with your children…. time to play and create… time to read, family time! I know that some parents will be working from home… some parents are on the fromt line, being keyworkers and keeping the country ticking over… thank you to you all and a huge thank you to the NHS for everything that they are doing in trying to save lives ❤️

Yes its maddening not being able to carry on with life as normal.. but we are being asked to stay indoors for our own safety!! For OUR OWN health!

Do you want to die a horrible death? Do you want to pass this on to your kids? Onto your Parents or even Granparents? Would you want that on you conscious? That you could kill someone else! Send them to their graves without being able to say goodbye to their loved ones?

⬆️⬆️⬆️ Thats why we are being asked to stay indoors and away from others!!

Personally, we had to work out a way that the Son could have a home to go to, after spending nearly 2 weeks in his HGV, so we decided that our future DiL & grandsons should come here.

They had spent 7 days isolated as we think the boys have had a mild case of the virus, coughing and raised temps etc and they are now well. (Obviously we have to keep Grumps safe)

So far we have made poms poms to make some bunting, done some homework, watched Mr Bean and Mr Tumble 😱 Today we will be painting a rainbow on the windows and cutting out our hand prints!

All the boys eating their lunch at the table ❤️

Tomorrow? Who knows!

I do have a little bit of exciting news, as Jackson took his first steps whilst holding on to his walker yesterday ❤️❤️❤️ he is just so cheeky!

The older grandchildren are loving their daily walk with Grumps & Sherlock ❤️❤️

Stay safe people, keep washing those hands and lets pray we get through this… I think thats all we can do!

Love & hugs ❤️❤️

Anita xx

Ps .. sorry I did go on and on about the virus 🙄

Jackson taking his first steps