A little something like ….

Today has gone something like this….

Woke up to the hubby already in the bathroom, which means I slept through the alarm! That doesn’t happen often as I usually wake up with my leg pains loooonngg before that!

Blah blah brushed teeth blah blah kissed hubby blah coffee etc I then happened to feel a wee bit energetic so I changed our bedding. (Yay for me!)

I even put the ‘thingy thing ‘on top of the bed and the cushions to make it look nice (after 6 days of not giving a sh#t)

My poor Hubby is exhausted working full time and having to cope with/look after me. He says that I would do the same for him?! But… would I? Really? And be as nice, compassionate and caring? Well…. maybe but there would be a whole lot more moaning going on in my direction 😂

So did the bed and put the washing in the machine. Tried to open the drawer for the powder and the frikken thing is stuck fast! I pull it a few more times because I’m out of ideas… one last pull and think s#d it! It’s out of the way for now! 🤣

I start to think about breakfast and lunch, and no I’m not thinking about ‘brunch’ I mean breakfast and lunch… both meals on different plates…as I am flippin starving!

Whilst thinking about it (as well as washing up) I turn to look at my spice and bottles shelves! I still cannot believe that the Hubs THREW a lot of it away… and no, I don’t care that they had lived there for 3+ years.

Empty half

THEY WERE FINE!!! Are you dead?? NO! So… there you go… as you can tell I was very taken aback by this bold move from the Hubs!

I look down at the sink and realise I forgot to turn the hot tap off… flippin Nora!! It was scalding!! Now I find this utter unbelievable as last night I ran the hot tap for what seemed like an hour, but was probably a minute tops, and it didn’t get any hotter than blo#dy lukewarm!

I realise I have left the fridge door open and for a while now… I turn the hot tap off and think I can leave them to soak for a bit til I can put some cold water in it… I walk over to the fridge and walk past the stuck washing machine drawer… swear in frustration as it could of been washed by now…

I look in the fridge and see that it’s minging! My mind races back to the last time I cleaned the fridge with a bit of spray stuff?!? Nope, can’t remember… I remember I have to shut the fridge door due to gases or wasting electric or something.. so I do…

Walking past the washing machine, back to the sink!

That damn frikken drawer! Had a brief conversation with the Hubs and had mentioned door…. he said he would of and has, used a knife to get the door open… my brain interprets that as he will do it when he gets home…

But then I think … I’ll have one more go at it… what a fab wife I would be… I would of done one of the Hubs’s jobs for him 🤣

I grab a knife… and stick it in the top of the sticky drawer… jeez it’s disgusting… nothing happens… I stick it in more and use a little brute force… it bows and clicks a bit… ok have had enough of this now…. so I ram the fork in and pull of the front of the drawer, stick in knife in the tray bit and pull it out… powder in, jobsa goodun’ (feeling smug as a smug smuggler)

I put my hand in the water… ahhhhhhhhh.. jeez still too hot! I grab a cloth from under the sink and wet that with lukewarm water.. grabbing my Waitrose lemongrass & something cleaning spray…

I go to the fridge, taking with me the bin, as may as well give the fridge a sort out as I’m there.. and surely it’s had enough time with its door shut?!

I start randomly chucking bits of mouldy, unrecognisable foodstuff out… boys yoghurts keep, cookie dough chuck, whatever the hell that is chuck! Chuck! Chuck! 🤮

I wipe and reorganised as I go, telling myself I won’t ever let it get like this again… then it hits me!!

The Hubs can happily throw away all my spices and tubs and.. everything!!! Which was not needed and certainly not on the “shit we have to do around the house’ list! 🤣


He can’t manage to grab a cloth and spray and wipe the fridge out ….. enuff said!

I then made a mental note to keep that info handy in case we are trying to ‘out do’ each other some time in the future.

I even emptied the bin 😱 I know, I know, I’m a bit of an old fashioned girl you know.. I love it when a man knows what his ONE job of the week it is (sorry 2 jobs, if counting bringing the bin back) 😂😂

The bin makes me smile… it may seem stupid.. but it does. We have had that been for a good few years now. Nothing special… black bin with lid that can be, or not, attached. It was £7.99 or &11.99, from poundstretcher and I still think that was too much to pay for a sodding bin!
(£5.99 seemed more acceptable to me)

Anyways… the bin… we have had it a while… One day the Hubs shouted from the kitchen… “did you know that the bin has a peddle to step on which in turn lifts the lids automatically?”


WHAT THE FUDGE?!!?!? WOW I thought this would change the way we would put our rubbish into the bin… I thought this would be life changing … a pinnacle moment in my life….

Nope… I keep forgetting it has a frikken peddle until I open it by using the sodding lid! 😱😱😱

Oh and I between all that I managed to whip up some tasty super noodles & Parmesan #Gourmetchef

Love & Hugs ❤️