Is it June Yet?

Hello you lovely people,

Firstly I apologise for the lack of posts recently, you see May has been a total manic month.

First we had my Mums 70th Birthday, up north and then the birth of our very first Grandson, Jackson James.

Photo of my Mum and her Children on her 70th ❤️

I cannot begin to tell you just how much this means to me considering this is borrowed time I am on and to be perfectly honest, I never thought that I would see my grandchild. I am so incredibly fortunate to still be here and celebrating this wonderful occasion ❤️

Jade, Jackson’s Mummy, then ended up in hospital for the best part of a week with very poor kidney function. We still do not know why this happened but I am glad to say that they appear to be ok, for now and the hospital will be keeping a really close eye on her.

I was so honoured to be with both Jade and Ash during the induction time and sadly due to Jackson’s heart rate dropping, an emergency c section took place. I have never been so proud of both of them as they came together in a time of worry and anxiety.

Watching them both walk off to theatre together, made my eyes fill up with tears. The nerves, the fear and the worry, that we all set at that time.

Thankfully the c section was the right choice to make as the poor little man had the cord wrapped around his neck, 3 times and it had a knot in it. It doesn’t bare to think about what would of happened if Jade had tried to deliver naturally.

Over the last two weeks they have had challenges galore and have overcome them all, making them stronger as a family… again… I am so very proud of them, Jade, Ash, Kane (who has been a superstar as a big brother) and Rowan (who gave baby Jackson his Thomas blanket and tried feeding him with plastic food 🤣)

Life cannot get better than this ❤️ I am truly blessed!

I went and met the Reading Bladder Cancer support group last Tuesday. Did a little speech about bladder cancer & the anxiety that it causes.

They are a wonderful bunch of people who want to promote awareness of this disease and celebrate all that they have been though. I was lucky enough to get invite to their Christmas lunch! Yay… you all know just how much I flippin love Christmas 🤣

I’m slowly catching up with my writing, spreading awareness etc and also have more hospital appointments this week.

One for my cardiologist as my breathing still isn’t great and I find that the smallest thing I do, totally wipes me out! The other for Rheumatology.. I think I will be starting a new medication for arthritis!

I swear, if you shake me, you can hear me rattle 😜

Life is good, what more can I say?

Love to each and everyone of you and thank you for reading my posts ❤️

I will leave you with a cheeky photo of Jackson and his big brothers ❤️