The Trouble with Babies…

So this has nothing to do with bladder cancer at all, other than it being part of my life journey.

Most of you know that my Son and his Girlfriend are due to become parents (and I’m gonna be a Nana eeek!) I think I have been pretty vocal about this as we are all super excited.

So let me set the scene for you: They we’re told to ring up at 8am on Monday morning to find out what times she had to go in to be induced. In our heads we figured it would be around 9am, induction to start soon afterwards… baby out and happy by the evening! HA!!

So Monday we called to be told that there were no beds, then at 6.30pm we were told to go to the Maternity Assessment Centre and she would be monitored and when a bed became available, she would naturally be taken up to the ward! All sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Well, there were no beds so we were sent home at 10pm! We were told to try again on the Tuesday….

So yesterday, we call to be told to go in at 9am! Wooooo hooooo, finally getting this show on the road….. due to everyone deciding to give birth and come into the ward, Jade was finally given the “stuff” to induce her a few hours later.

Overnight Baby got distressed as his heart rate fell. We are now in a room where, hopefully Jade will give birth. They have broken her waters and attached a monitor to his head. The plan is to monitor him and then get Jade onto a hormonal drip that will cause contractions.

There was talk about a c section earlier, however they would prefer her to give birth naturally if she can. She is exhausted and hungry but due to baby Jackson’s dip in his heart rate they don’t want her to eat anything because a c section is a possibility.

About half an hour ago, his heart rate fell again, our hearts where in our mouths, thankfully he recovered from this.

They have had an emergency on the ward so aren’t going to start Jade on a drip until they have the theatre clear, just in case.

Hopefully everything will be ok… we can’t wait to show him off ❤️❤️