PET Scan Day…….

Hello you lovely lot

Today is a PET scan day… Now I hate these days for two reasons… reason 1: it is such a rigmarole.  I have to get here an hour early so that they can cannulate me down in St Martha’s (which is cancer centre of Mount Alvernia)  I get my arm “cooked” and then when its warm enough they try to cannulate me.  Now my veins are sh#t even without chemo going through them, so it does take a bit of time and a couple of ‘tries”.

Second reason is: It reminds me that we are waiting for it to comeback! Enough said there I think.

Moving swiftly on, I have been so very busy recently, not only with #bladddercancer stuff but some really exciting news (of course I did the video last week) just in case you didn’t see it…. IM GOING TO BE A NANA!  I still cant quite believe it, how very blessed we are.

This week I shall also be in London for Macmillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning at the Houses Of Parliament….OMG OMG…. just how amazing is this? What a wonderful platform to speak about ”Incurable but Treatable Cancers.” Yes I am nervous, however I cannot wait to wear my wonderful dress that #Tesco made especially for me. (I still pinch myself) I will stand there with pride and honour.   I know its not a “huge” thing  to most people however this means a lot to me.  Lets hope lots of MP actually turn up and are interested not just “doing their duty”.

There are so many wonderful, amazing stories/blogs out there.  So many people with cancer living their lives.  So many people doing brave and spectacular things to raise money for their charities and to bring awareness to their cancer.  I salute you, I normally have just about enough energy to make a coffee in the morning let alone run a bl##dy marathon. Or climb a really HUGE hill or mountain.  I wish I could be like them, a little.

It is surprising what we can achieve when we put our minds to it.  NOTHING is impossible.   We can do ANYTHING we want to  (providing it doesn’t harm or hurt anyone else). How wonderful is that? whatever your hopes and dreams are, hold on to them, believe in them and yourself and you will go a long way. Even in the face of adversity dreams can be achieved.

My dream is to just make people happy. Life is too short to spend it miserable.  I would like people to know what a walking miracle they are?  How truly fabulous it is to wake up each morning and have another day to make a change, to make a choice, to live a really great life. How lucky are we to have that?

Yes we have work, housework shopping etc, you don’t have to be miserable. If you don’t like you job, then change it… and yes it may take a bit of hard work from you, but you can change it. Housework… well no one wants to live in a pigsty do they, so it has to be done.  Turn the music on and have a boogie whilst you are doing it.  Sing your heart out, it does make it seem a lot easier to do when you are happy.

I know the world isn’t a perfect place and I know there is a great deal of sadness and evil out there. I choose not to see it. It isn’t a case of being ignorant, its a case of protecting yourself.  I find the News too much now.  Everyday just more heartache, more troubles, more stabbing, more upset and I cant cope with it all.  So… I simply now choose not to watch or ready this stuff. I know that if something important happens then I will hear about it, I just don’t actively read all the bad stuff anymore.

We need to believe in ourselves.  I was that student who would get A’s and Distinctions but still never really believed that I was worthy.  I never actual thought I was a little bit clever, I never believed in who I was. It didn’t matter what anyone else thought of me, I didn’t think that much of me at all.  How sad is that?

I bet there are lots of you out there feeling the same as I did.  Stop! Just breathe….  connect with nature, go for a long walk or just sit in a field.  Really look at everything around you, the trees, the grass.  Notice the wind… is it blowing? Or is it still?  How often do we take time out of our day just to “notice” our surroundings?

You, reading this, are totally amazing, you have the power to do anything you want to do, so do it!  You are strong enough, you are brave enough, you are enough, so set those dreams high and go for it!

Im a dreamer, Im a girl with big ideas and hope. I would like everyone to really realise just how special each day is, how special we are and how you can make your life anything you want it to be. And its NEVER too late to do anything.

Think BIG, think really BIG.  What can we do for other people on a daily basis?  You can help others simply by being “nice”.  Have you ever had a compliment on how you were looking on a particular day?  Can you remember how that made you feel?  You carried that feeling with you all day.  I bet you thought about it a few times over the day too and I bet it made you smile, more than once?

You see it’s the smallest things that make us happy, and by sharing the happiness nice we create a ripple effect….. so tell people they look amazing, be kind and open the door for someone, let another car go first. compliment others on their perfume…. so so many things we can do to make others feel good, which in turn empowers us….The secret is is in your smile… make it a big one.
WIshing you all a great day

Love & hugs

#Kickingcancersbutt (still lol)